PTFE Fabric Adhesive Tape

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: PTFE Fabric Adhesive Tape
    • Commodity ID: 1219690899214848000
    The PTFE tape is silicone adhesive coated on PTFE fabric (or pure PTFE membrane), which has been sodium treated on single side.
    ØSilicone adhesive fabric can serve continuously from -70°C and +260°C.
    ØThe black color (anti-UV) and anti-static style is also available.
    ØThe acrylic adhesive fabric has a continuous service temperature range of -40°C to +170°C.  
    ØYAXING’s adhesive fabric can be supplied as long rolls or slitted tapes. Standard roll length is 50 and 30 meters and Standard width 1000 mm upon special request: 50 meters rolls are available, self-wound rolls are available (without liner).

    Features & Benefits

    • Non-stick PTFE materials prevent the build-up of molten film and plastic on its surface.
    • The temperature resistant PTFE coating allows high and low operating temperatures.
    • Our PTFE adhesive tapes come with a yellow corrugated release liner.
    • This enables fast and easy removal.
    • Manufactured in varying thicknesses to cover a wide range of applications.
    For more information,please do not hesitate to contact our sales team,thank you!

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