Aramid Sewing Thread

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    • Commodity name: Aramid Sewing Thread
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    Aramid Fibre Sewing Thread, up to 170 °C

    The word 'aramid' is a contraction of 'aromatic polyamide'. The chemical name is para phenylene terephthalamide or PPD-T. Created in the 1960’s, aramid fibres consist of yellow filaments of about ten microns in diameter, assembled into threads. 

    Aramid threads can continuously withstand 170 °C. Beyond this, the mechanical and dimensional characteristics decrease (slow carbonisation of the polymer) up to their decomposition temperature of 425 °C. Easier to handle than fibreglass threads, they are used in many technical fields.

    Applications of  Aramid Thread

    • Ballistics (bullet-proof vests)
    • Safety shoes
    • Protective clothing
    • Composite materials
    • Airbags
    • Air dust extraction filters
    • Hot gas filtration
    • Tyres (reinforcement)

    Storage of Aramid Thread

    Aramid yarns must be stored away from UV radiation, in black packaging. Excessive exposure to UV radiation will result in the yellowing of the yarn, and the impairment of its tensile strength.

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