BBQ Mesh Mat

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: BBQ Mesh Mat
    • Commodity ID: 1219690903673393152

    Heavy Duty, Reusable Grilling mats, Easy to Clean Works on Gas, Charcoal, Pellet Grill Grill Mesh Mat

    Features & Benifits:

    • With these mesh grill mats you don't need to worry your grilling food may fall through the grates, keep all delicious flavor, and you can still get those beautiful grill marks, no mess and sanitary.
    • Versatile And Easy To Use: the package includes 2 pcs grill mat, they can be cut to what kinds of sizes and shapes you need, both sides can be used over 100 times, for grilling, roasting, and even baking. The dishwasher is available too.
    • We have tested it numerous times to get the best thickness we can get at the moment, and to ensure enough heat resistance so that the food you grill will still taste better.
    • Easy To Clean Up: The mesh grill mats are reusable and super easy to clean, let it soak in the water and scrub it after use, the dishwasher is available too. Keep in dry place for the next use.

    For more information,please do not hesitate to contact our sales team,thank you!

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