Aramid Fabric

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    • Commodity name: Aramid Fabric
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    Aramid Fibre Fabric, up to 400 °

    The word 'aramid' is a contraction of 'aromatic polyamide'. The chemical name is para phenylene terephthalamide or PPD-T. Created in the 1960’s, aramid fibres consist of yellow filaments of about ten microns in diameter, assembled into threads. 

    Woven in plain weave, 100 % para-aramid fabrics have excellent thermal characteristics. In addition to their good insulating properties, they can reach a peak temperature of 500 °C and a continuous temperature of 350 °C. In addition to this, they have excellent resistance to cuts, abrasion, tearing and acids, as well as excellent mechanical properties. Available in different versions (aluminised, fleece, etc.), they are particularly suitable for the manufacture of protective clothing and thermal insulation.

    100 % para-aramid fabrics always include a cross-twill woven version (two single twills in different directions). Particularly resistant to high temperatures up to 450 °C and cuts, it is mainly used to reinforce protective clothing. Coated versions (silicone, aluminium, flame retardant, etc.) are available.

    Applications of Aramid Fibre Fabric

    • Thermal insulation
    • Protection shield
    • Gloves
    • Protection equipment
    • Aprons

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