PTFE Membrane Tape

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  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: PTFE Membrane Tape
    • Commodity ID: 1209905171517820928
    Yaxing has high-precision turning equipment, precise thickness control, the thinnest can reach 0.025mm, the maximum thickness error does not exceed 0.003mm. Exclusive dust-free facilities can completely eliminate and avoid debris or dust particles on the surface of the film.
    Can be on one side or both sides of the treatment.
    High modulus PTFE membranes are also available on request. High modulus PTFE film, also known as stretch film, has high tensile strength, dielectric strength and low elongation.


    thickness error


    Width error

    0.02mm - 0.15mm

    /- 0.003mm


    /- 0.3mm

    0.15mm - 0.50mm

    /- 0.005mm


    /- 0.3mm


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