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Application of Teflon Tape in Rubber Industry

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Application of Teflon Tape in Rubber Industry
(1) to ensure complete demoulding, a large number of low scrap rate;
(2) demoulding easily, increasing labor intensity;
(3) no release agent, reduce costs and environmental purification and avoid the impact of rubber vulcanization and adhesion;
(4) There will be no glue particles on the mold, and there is no need to stop the machine to liquidate the mold, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the mold consumption and power consumption;
(5) the average light outside the finished product, greatly improved the product grade;
(6) Teflon coating adhesion is excellent, not easy to scattered, durable abnormal.
for the strengths of the shoe mold:
1, easy to touch, to avoid the mold stick rubber particles;
2, no need to remove the agent, to avoid affecting the consequences of paste and purify the environment;
3, fog surface rubber outsole, color average;
4, cut multi-color rubber background color mixing signs;
5. Phylon (secondary vulcanization) mold does not need to be pre-coated with soapy water to accelerate the production rate and reduce purification;
6, a large number of low scrap rate;
7, the coating life of more than 4500 times;