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What kind of cloth is high temperature resistant and waterproof tape

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What kind of high-temperature resistant cloth? What kind of high-temperature resistant waterproof adhesive tape? High-temperature lacquered cloth and welding cloth are relatively high-temperature resistant. High-quality imported glass fiber is used as woven material, plain weave, twill weave, satin weave or other weaving methods are used to weave high-grade glass fiber cloth base material. After process technology, it is impregnated repeatedly and coated with high-quality Teflon resin to produce various ultra-wide high-temperature resistant lacquered fabrics.
1. Weather resistance: It can be used for a long time in a wide temperature range of -60°C- 300°C. The PTFE fluororesin-coated high-temperature cloth was placed at a high temperature of 300°C for 200 consecutive days for aging test, and not only the strength but also the weight was not reduced. On the contrary, it does not age and crack at -180°C ultra-low temperature, and can maintain the original flexibility. It can work at 360°C ultra-high temperature for 120 hours without aging, cracking, and good flexibility.
2. Non-adhesive: almost all viscous substances such as paste, viscous resin and organic coating can be easily removed from the surface of PTFE fluorine resin coated high temperature cloth.
3. Mechanical characteristics: The surface of PTFE fluororesin coated high-temperature cloth basically does not deform or lack rolls after bearing a compression load of 200kg/cm2.
4. Electrical insulation: PTFE fluorine resin coated high temperature cloth has electrical insulation, dielectric constant 2.6, dielectric loss tangent below 0.0025.
5, drug resistance: low resistance to corrosion of almost all pharmaceutical articles. PTFE fluorine resin coated high temperature cloth in strong acid, strong alkali conditions, no aging deformation.