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We have a wide range of PTFE Flooring Belts – if you need more information please contact us.

Carpet Tile Belts

Carpet tiles are square pieces of textile covering for use within commercial offices. They are made of twisted tufts of pile which can be either natural wool or polyester and other man made materials.

The heat treated structure of the mat is then applied to a flexible and durable backing.

PTFE coated glass cloth is a heat resistant material that has a heavy weave structure to cope with being made into a wide belt to fit the machine. The heavy fibre glass weave provides dimensional stability across the belts surface.

The heavy weave pattern of the material has become a familiar feature of carpet tile backings as a result.

Backing is applied by dispensing hot flow bitumen to the surface of the PTFE coated fabric belt. The top pile is then laminated on top of the bitumen which then bonds to the surface once cooled.

Floor Underlay Belts

There are many types of flooring underlays for laminate and wooden floors. Popular examples are noise reducing types that are usually a medium to hard compound.

Acoustic reduction types can also have a thermal barrier applied in the form of a foil or polystyrene. This barrier is laminated to one surface to provide a form of protection against heat loss.

PTFE fabric materials and belts are often used to laminate the surfaces together. The PTFE glass cloth acts as a non-stick barrier that allows heat to transfer it.

Walk off Mat Belts

Walk off mats are commonly seen within business reception areas. These styles of mats are popular as they are often made with customer branding and colours on them for promotional purposes.

They are manufactured by laminating a non-slip, textured surface to one side to prevent movement due to heavy footfall. PTFE coated fabrics are used as release sheets within hot presses. The PTFE sheets act as a non-stick barrier between the platens and carpet.

Some sheets are specially perforated to allow the molten rubber to seem through. On curing this leaves tiny stems that give extra grip on the underside of the mats.

In addition to the above examples our PTFE fabric belts & materials can be used for many other variations of flooring production processes.


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